Monday, 13 June 2016

Small business SEO

SEO tips for small businesses
SEO can seem like wizardry, well it isn’t. and this article will outline some tips so you can understand SEO more.
We offer web design Pontypridd and web design to other regions in wales. Part of this service is SEO, SEO short for search engine optimisation is the optimisation of a website for a keyword. So think of a keyword such as dog accessories in south wales. That would be a keyword and SEO would then optimise your website for that.
Here are some seo tips for small business.

  1. quality counts
years ago you could pump out article after article and the search engines would love it. Fast forward to 2016 and the search engines will punish you for it. Do not spam, create good useful content and you will be rewarded for it. I have found in our experience that articles over 1000 words in length seems to gain the most traction with search engines, while smaller articles tend to get buried. But that isn’t always the case, and with anything take the advice in this article with a pinch of salt because frankly the search engines change. What is good now may change in the future.

  1. Look at your competitors
Looking at the competition lets you know what they are doing. Is their site responsive? Do they blog, do they use social media? If they are doing all of the above and you are not and they are out ranking you then you best start, because if you want to compete you will have to emulate them and then eventually overtake them.

  1. Be realistic
unless your budget is in the millions of pounds then your site will never rank for keywords that are seriously competitive, but the beauty is you don’t have to compete for these keywords. For example two keywords:
  • finance insurance
  • finance insurance in Brooklyn new york
both above could be used for your SEO, but only one of them you could possibly rank for. That would be the second as its less competitive and actually it’s a better keyword to target.
It is more targeted, and visitors searching for that keyword would be more than likely to purchase off you.

  1. Give it time
hired a new SEO consultant? Then give them time, SEO takes a while. Personally I would say anything from 3 – 6 months is not unreasonable. SEO takes time but it’s the long haul, if you want quicker results try PPC, but be advised you could lose a lot of money before becoming profitable.

Thanks for reading, if you need more tips or want a website check out web design Pontypridd.

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